Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Leda Calder

As promised, here is the announcement of the actress who will play Leda Calder in Doing Time...

Kris Lee McBride.

I had the opportunity to work with Kris when I directed Marat for Le Theatre de Boheme in February and March (she played a supporting role as Marianne, a prostitute), and when she narrated my documentary Best Evidence in March and April. She just finished a very successful run as Lori in Taboo theatre's production of The Whores.

She's a very talented young actress, who will get a chance to really build an unforgettable character with Leda. Mac and I are both very excited to have her on board.

As for the other three roles, casting will take place this summer sometime. Details will be posted here once the schedule for the actual production this fall firms up.

Paul Kimball